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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I know im CUTE

Yes Gabe is reaaally cute here!!! i took this photo this morning!want more?
check this :

Christmas photos

Second Christmas

This is Gabe's second christmas,
He got lots and lots of gifts from ninong and ninang..
his most favorite is the wooden rocking horse/motorcylce from Tita ninang she,tito ninong Wins and Leelai..and the musical piano from lola onggay..
He loves the wooden stacking rings too--from nonong nino and ninang christine!! actually he likes everything! the toy from charisse and jun and fron his other god parents.
He also loves toys that his brother R2 got!!
Here are some photos we took last christmas.

My first post

All posts here is about Gabe...and his brother R2..

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